I am a fan of many things. I have a strange sense of humour and I am not right in the head all the time. But I do alright for myself!


To the anon that sent me the SQ message.

I got your message and apparently a lot of things popped into my head because you asked for me to talk about anything about this ship. And what kept popping up in my head was something I’ve thought about but never actually put it into words. So, that’s what I’m attempting to do now. 

You know what’s really fucked up?
How celebrities are treated by the media. Like the paparazzi, man.
They get stalked and have their photos taken at all hours of the day. They hardly get any privacy and the ones who have kids! Their kids are getting their picture taken without any permission. It’s RIDICULOUS


Look, I always believed that the life of a Warehouse agent, by necessity, had to be one of solitude, isolation. And then you came into mine. And you… you gave me hope.