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What bothers me about Hogwart's paintings is that they're all realistc or medieval-ish and just makes me wonder what happens if a wizard paints some cubist nonsensical shit. Would it move? Would it talk? Would it ask you for the password, or would it tell you about the meanings of within? I guess we'll never know because Dumbledore is not a fan of modern art


this is a solid question




nerd culture and gatekeeping authenticity is always just code for keeping out women and the underprivileged

There’s a great article about the hyper-white language of nerd culture by Mary Bucholtz, which was actually the first ~truly linguistic~ article I read and started me down this path from which there is NO RETURN. You can read it [here]

AHH, cynthia, this is so great! bookmarking for after work reading

Regal Believer Headcanon


Regina always makes a point to be at Henry’s eye level when speaking to him. As a child, this was easy - she could kneel or lean down, catch his eye, and hold it as they spoke, whether it was about Marvel’s multiverse or whether grated parmesan or flaked parmesan was better on ravioli.

It’s hard for Regina, then, as she notices her little baby bear is at the same height as she is. She doesn’t admit it, but she misses that little touch of being considerate and treating him as an equal.

It takes her a while to notice. Henry is a full head taller than she is, by then, and their relationship has taken more turns than one of the race courses he used to love as a toddler. It’s a minor thing, as it usually is, just a debate over whether ice cream bars or fudge bars are better for a post barbecue dessert.

He is making his point in firm, Charming inspired tones when she finally notices. He’s been doing it for years by then.

He’s leaned down to meet her gaze directly as they talk.